Adult Learn to Swim

Have you always wanted to learn to swim but never had the opportunity? Did you have a negative or frightening experience in the water when you were younger that’s prevented you from wanting to try again? You’re not alone! About one third of adults in the United States can’t safely swim the length of a pool. We’re trying to change that. Learn more about the US Masters adult learn-to-swim initiatives. Swimming for life.   I am US Masters certified for Adult Learn to Swim.  If you are interested in more information, please reach out.

Swimming can lead to a lifetime of activity and fitness.  If you don’t believe me, in 2018 I had the recent experience at a Master’s meet of racing against 1952 backstroke gold medalist, yes, 1952, Yoshinobu (Yoshi) Oyakawa. Yoshi, born in 1933 is still an avid swimmer and can be found in a pool most days of the week!

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