One on One coaching

The inherent nature of masters swim clubs and triathlon group swims with the  number of athletes (per coach) makes it difficult to provide individual attention to all swimmers .  At times, it seems the gifted or elite athletes get most attention during a workout, and other times, it tends to be the the newer or novice swimmers getting the attention.



This leaves out the majority of  swimmers who might be missing out on what could be the great potential .  What can a private lesson do for you? Well, for starters, it gives you an opportunity to communicate with a technical coach about what you need and want to work on with no pressure to do sets. In addition to the skill components, private coaching can help a swimmer overcome a plateau, develop better race strategy, discover their strengths within the sport, and become mentally and physically engaged in the process of change so they can better apply this during practices and competition.


Private coaching can take place in a pool or open water.  If you are wanting to work on technique, a pool will work best.   Sighting and open water swimming are best done at one of the local lakes.  Contact me for more information.  

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